10mm Austrian Thunder

Some more progression on the 10mm SYW project from January.  These are all Old Glory minis using the Austrian Gunners and Light Guns packs.  Just as with the Prussians, I am opting to mount two guns to a base rather than just one.  Combined with the triple rank regiments, I think it really helps distinguish the scale in a meaningful way.

Old Glory does not sell Limbers that I can see, and Pendraken sells them as part of a pack with their cannons.  That means it may take some time before all the supporting structure is complete.  I have ordered some Howitzers for both sides from Pendraken, so we will see how they rank up as well.

Fermor 18mm Russian Command, click here

Kargopolskiy Horse Grenadiers

1st Grenadiers report for duty

3rd Observation Corps Musketeers

1st Observation Corps Musketeers

Fortune Favors the Big Battalions Part II

Fortune favors the big battalions.....

Union Infantry in Greatcoats

10mm Austrian Reinforcements

Operational Design in Wargames Maul-Witz Part II - The AAR