Operational Design in Wargaming Update - Maul-witz

Carrying on one of my projects from last year, I want to continue with my series on using operational design methods in designing wargames scenarios and games.  The prelude to my project started with an in-depth analysis of Jon's Montebello 1859 scenario from the 2nd War of Italian Independence, and included my thoughts and analysis of our multiple iterations of the game.  We took a similar approach to several games using his Kolin 1757 scenario, but I didn't take the time to do the same in-depth approach.  Important note:  I am a nerd who is doing this for personal entertainment.  Do not take anything here to be a purely doctrinal approach! This is an MDMP-like presentation and anyone trained at Leavenworth should be prepared for an apoplectic aneurysm if you read further....   

My goal with these types if post is twofold:  1) To better understand why the conflict turned out the way it did in history and 2) to evaluate if the game/scenario will provide a reasonable outcome w…

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